What a Virtual Assistant Can Do For Your Business

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Virtual assistants or as we call them here in WeAssist, “Outsourced Professionals”, are  cost-effective staffing solutions for start-up or businesses of all sizes. Having a Outsource Professional will help you run multiple businesses without compromising your personal life.

What is a Virtual Assistant or Outsource Professional?

A Virtual Assistant / Outsource Professional is a remote employee that offers administrative support for you and your business. They can be hired as full-time or part-time employees. They can work and do tasks that an executive / administrative assistant would typically handle, such as email management, handling phone calls, scheduling appointments, arranging travels and many more! Nowadays, Virtual Assistants / Outsource Professionals are hired by companies and businesses of all sizes across the globe.

What does a Virtual Assistant or Outsource Professional do?

There are unlimited skills that a virtual assistant can do. It would just depend on what line of business or assignment a specific employer needs. Here are some of the most common jobs given to a virtual assistant / outsource professional :

  • Administrative Work

    The most common task that virtual assistants are hired for is admin work. This includes answering phone calls via a connected line, organizing emails, organizing calendars and scheduling meetings. 

  • Bookkeeping

    One of the essential parts of the business is keeping track of finances. A virtual assistant helps in managing a budget, making purchases and tracking business expenses.

  • Personal Assistant

    These are tasks where virtual assistants help in organizing tasks that are outside of work related matters. These are additional tasks to their standard duties. Booking vacations for client’s families, purchasing gifts for friends, and booking flights are some of the personal assistant duties.

  • Customer Service

    Product or service based businesses, virtual assistants are the first point of contact for customers. Virtual assistants will provide assistance with troubleshooting or an outlet for product feedback. They can also refer customers to escalate other concerns to appropriate people within the company.

  • Data Entry

    In this role, virtual assistants can easily compile data, check for accuracy, and delete unnecessary records. This is especially beneficial for customer data, billing, postal work, and store inventories.

  • Social Media Manager

    Online engagement with potential customers is one of the keys for a business to grow. The demands of social media management can sometimes seem endless. Virtual assistants help in responding and maintaining communications with the followers. They maintain posting schedules and even analyze account data.

  • Content Creator

    A virtual assistant can help manage and organize content and writing resources, facilitate in various publishing processes, making it easier for the social media manager to focus on growing the content program.

  • Researcher

    Analyzing market, customers, or performance. Virtual assistants can help in assisting with compiling this information. These tasks are typically manual and best given to a virtual assistant who specializes in data analysis.

What is a Virtual Assistant salary and how are they paid?

The salary of a virtual assistant varies depending on the experience and area of expertise. Most VA preferred to be paid through secured online services like Paypal. How they invoice their work can vary: Some prefer up-front payments, or some bill their employer weekly or monthly.Virtual Assistants that are employed as full-time remote workers needed to be on the regular scheduled payroll.

How to hire a virtual assistant or an outsource professional?

You might think remote assistant might seem simple since it’s less formal role, but here in WeAssist the hiring process can require just as much preparation to make sure we not just only hire someone to cover your daily tasks but we make sure we scout the best of the best talent there is for you and your business. The basic steps include:

  • Establishing good expectations

    It is important to record all your expectations. A detailed list of the day-to-day tasks that requires attention, and ensure that priorities and deadlines are clearly communicated.

  • Management Responsibility

    Establishing a get-go person who is responsible for communicating tasks and tracking projects.

  • Budget creation

    Understanding of budget beforehand to make sure you don’t accidentally get out of hand. Make sure there is a firm understanding of the budget.

  • Job Posting

    Creating a job description with a list of responsibilities and posting of the job, we gotchu! We will find the best and most qualified candidate in your specific field.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant / Outsource Professional can let you focus more on what matters most - your business.

The most important resource when running a business - TIME. Sometimes those menial, everyday tasks can become a barrier to focusing on new opportunities and areas of growth in your business. Having a virtual assistant handle your administrative work will not only ease your workload, you will also have more time to focus on high-impact projects.WeAssist will help in outsourcing the best talent there is for your business. Along with our dedicated staff, using our wide connections and state-of-the-art resources we will put your business on the path to continued success.


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