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Austin Blair
00:54 11 Dec 21
The experience working with WeAssist is great! Hiring a VA was one of the best business decisions I could have made, I now have so much more time in the day. Reach you and don't be shy, this company is awesome!
Joy Karen Antonio
15:29 24 Nov 20
WeAssist is composed of awesome people who knows how to bring the A game in any deal. Reef knows how to handle his team amazingly well. He has great respect for the work they do for the company. This kind of attitude will propel them to the top.
Erwin Lamoste
01:02 22 Sep 20
WeAssist.io is helping customers to get more work done with less time and effort!
Leslie Regino
13:09 16 Jun 21
I would highly recommend WeAssist! They will support you all through out and this is the best team you will encounter!
03:51 08 Dec 20
We assist is HIGHLY profession, and has completely changed my business, and freed up more of my time as a business owner to build and scale. The skill level of the assistants are amazing and the efficiency is amazing. Could not recommend we assist more.
Andrew Martin
18:37 27 Sep 20
Glad we came across weassist.io to help us with our needs. Great team of passionate people that are awesome to work with. We only recently started working with Reef and his team but we knew right from the start that a long term partnership was in the works. Highly recommend and excited to continue creating amazing work together!
Joy Karen
15:14 24 Nov 20
Shiela Francisco
15:14 24 Nov 20
Dena T
22:21 10 Dec 21
Caring, personalized, and strategic VA support! We.Assist.io has helped generate leads for my work.
Jessica Sales
19:14 17 Nov 21
Loved working with this team! The application process was seamless, simple, and quick! Every team member I met was incredibly kind and the overall atmosphere was fun, light, and supportive towards powerful co-creation! Great experience and would highly recommend!
Abegayle Clapano
22:23 07 Oct 21
Great team! Very accomodating and the positive energy of the CEO, Reef, is very overwhelming. He ensures quality and character. I also appreciate the hiring process as it is a very smooth experience and conversational where you can really express yourself and great potentials.
Fadim Kris Bartolo
15:31 24 Nov 20
I have been working with Reef and the team for the last 15 months, and they are very professional and always exceed my expectations. On point and delivers what is promised! Great, professional and one of kind service!!
Zakk Colburn
16:15 19 Nov 20
Reef and Shiela are the best. They truly care about helping their clients succeed. They were able to find the best virtual assistant to help me in my business and they were happy to help me onboard and integrate this new va seamlessly in my business. They were there to answer all my questions and genuinely celebrated our success. Not just a great company, but also great people
Nikki Duran-Cabalo
22:57 26 May 21
The work environment at WeAssist is one that feels like family. There is plenty of room for work-life balance and most of all, the CEO is down-to-earth, considerate and truly cares for all employees. That's why I am still here because I feel I am valued and appreciated not just as an employee, but more importantly because I have been made to feel I am a vital part of the establishment, that I have a voice and that I matter to the company. I love WeAssist! 🥰
Cristelle Pauline
09:08 05 Jun 21
I highly recommend WeAssist.io despite of having other offers because of the CEO and the Team itself. I am still new to this company but I never felt like one. Reef (CEO) always make sure that the team and the clients are both well taken care of. 🙂 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Fadim Kris Bartolo
23:41 07 Jun 21
This is where I started my freelancing Career, Reef saw something in me and believed that I can be awesome!
Weassist is not just a company that helps people and companies achieve their goals, They also help people reach their Dreams. Keep Rockin Reef and Weassist!
Glen Kohn
00:44 26 Sep 20
Such a pleasure to work with. Projects are completed in a timely thoughtful way. I highly recommend.
Rachel Anne S. Villapando
02:45 25 May 21
WeAssist family really helped me grow as a Lead Gen Specialist and as a person since I started working with them! What made me decide to stay here despite of receiving other job offerings is we have here a kind-hearted CEO that really care for each and everyone of us. I highly recommend WeAssist.io and the whole team!
00:06 05 Jun 21
WeAssist.io has the nicest people to work with. I love working with them. The working environment in WeAssist is very warm and welcoming. You are treated not as an employee but as family member whose goals and endeavors are supported by everyone. There is never a single time that I felt my suggestions and ideas never mattered.
Natalie Youn
23:47 11 Sep 20
Truly an AMAZING group to work with. I've always been dubious about VA's and had some mediocre experiences with getting the right person to help but luckily found Reef and Shiela to help and they are a true powerhouse. They have a talent for finding the right candidates and really listening to what you need for your company and matching you with the right person. I feel extremely fortunate to have met them and to help me find the best people to help our company grow. I highly recommend them!!
Marie Faith Pagilison
16:33 24 Nov 20
Chris Morales
04:00 19 Nov 20
Weassist.io was hands down the best decision I ever made. Not only were they professional but they made me feel like family in the first 10 minutes. Reef truly has a heart of gold and cares a lot about his customers. I came to them because I needed help scaling my business, and thanks to them I’ve literally been able to double my monthly income and work less at the same time. I’m truly forever grateful and no words could ever express my gratitude. I will always have their back the same way they have their customers backs!
Abii C. Ramos
22:25 07 Oct 21
Great team! Very accomodating and the positive energy of the CEO, Reef, is very overwhelming. He ensures quality and character. I also appreciate the hiring process as it is a very smooth experience and conversational where you can really express yourself and your great potentials. 🥰
Rosemarie Lungay
16:49 24 Nov 20
WeAssist.io gives value to its team. It always gives assistance and support to make each one in the team more fitted to the client's needs. It also helps everyone improve one's own skills. :)
alec aronwald
00:39 16 Sep 20
Reef and his team are incredible people to work with. They are very responsive and care for their clients tremendously. Reef is a problem solver and anything that is thrown at him you can guarantee he will go above and beyond to assist you. We are at a critical growth stage for our company and with Reef by our side we have the upmost confidence in accomplishing all of our goals. I would highly recommend working with WeAssist.io!
Oomph Cooking Blends Christine
00:14 15 Aug 20
Working with WeAssist.io has been a pleasure. We love knowing we have an extended team of professionals working hard to help us grow. WeAssist.io is working with us to create a best in class customer experience. I highly recommend Reef and his amazing team.