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Our Current WeAssist.io Virtual Assistants

Abegayle Ramos

Executive Assistant / Marketing Specialist

Abegayle is a dynamic and multifaceted marketing professional with a proven track record in marketing strategy and implementation. She is driven, motivated, and committed in executing the marketing activities of the company including digital marketing, direct marketing, advertising and other related marketing activities.

Professional Skills: Process Improvement, Strategic Planning, Technical Proficiency, Adaptability and Data Processing, Budgeting and Cost Analysis, Operations Management, Market Research and Analysis

Arla Mariel Pablo

Social Media Marketing Specialist / General Virtual Assistant

Arla is a creative social media manager experienced in managing social media activities across different platforms. She is a proactive and hardworking individual who is an expert in strategic planning, social marketing evaluation, and content development. She has maintained brand innovation while keeping abreast with the latest social media trends.

Professional Skills: Data Entry / Management, Executive Assistant, Email Management, Calendar Management, Social Media Management, Content Posting, Marketing, Reports and Presentations, Account Management, Client Success.

Andrie Rementilla

Shopify Customer Service Representative VA

Andrie is a motivated Sales Assistant dedicated to providing top-of-the-line customer service in e-commerce settings. She is committed to increasing sales by providing customers with thoughtful consideration and support. She is organized, detail-oriented, and a self-starter.

Professional Skills: General Virtual Assistant, E-commerce Support, Customer Service, Inbound/Outbound Calls, Email / Chat Support

Christine Panaligan

Lead Generation Specialist

Christine is a sales professional who excels in fast-paced, deadline-driven environments. She has several years of experience in sales positions from management to Lead Generation. She is extremely results-oriented and proactive in finding cost-effective solutions to achieve company goals and increase sales returns.

Professional Skills: General Virtual Assistant, Data Entry / Management, Executive Assistant / Personal Assistant, Email Management, Calendar Management, Social Media Management, Content Writing / Scheduling / Posting, Graphic Designing, Photo and Video Editing, Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Sales / Telemarketing, Email Marketing, Data Analytics, Reporting & Presentations, Dropshipping, Customer Service - Inbound/Outbound, Email Support, Live Chat Support, Accounting / Bookkeeping, Invoicing

Chris Jonathan Villanueva

Content Creator / Senior Graphic Designer

As a Multimedia Artist, CJ worked in many companies and Government, from Print and Publishing, Home Appliances, Manufacturing, BPO, and Corporate Real Estate. Imparting his knowledge and skills in Graphic Designing, Video Editing, Animation,3D Design, AVP, Booth.

Professional Skills: Design, Photography, Animated CTA and Design Templates, Photo manipulation and editing, Video editing and Effects, Infographic Animation, Logo Design and Animation, Photography, 3D Design, UI/UX Design, Web Design.

Darlene Carmina Hardiolin

Lead Generation Specialist / General Virtual Assistant

Darlene is an accomplished sales specialist who is skilled in lead generation, sales conversion, and client development. She efficiently builds loyalty and long-term relationships with customers, while consistently reaching sales targets. She is determined, persistent, and has strong work ethics.

Professional Skills: Lead Generation, Project Management, Data Management, Invoicing, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Video Editing, Calendar Management, Website Management.

Erwin Lamoste

UI/UX Graphics Designer

Erwin is a thinker and problem solver with a huge passion for graphics design. He is an energetic collaborator, motivated to inspire. He is eager to learn new technologies to expand his knowledge. He is strong at communicating his design intent - both verbally and visually. He embraces experimentation and is not afraid to be wrong.

Professional Skills: User Research, Storyboards, Wireframes, Prototypes, User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Quality Assurance, Graphics Design, Content Analysis, Branding, Logo, Web Design, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap

Fadim Kris Bartolo

Customer Support Specialist

Dem is a seasoned Freelancer that can provide quality support, Expert in email management, customer service, and CRM processes. Trained in using Zendesk, Hubstaff, G Suite ZOHO Analytics/CRM and has excellent writing skills.

Professional Skills: Knowledgeable in Google suites, Zoho , Zendesk Ticketing system, Mailchimp, Shopify, and facebook ads. Great in Calendar Management, decision making, critical thinking, organizing and planning. Tolerant and flexible to different situations. Knowledgeable in applying Quality Tools and Techniques in solving problems systematically.

Diana Faye Abella


QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor. Bookkeeping, basic accounting, invoicing and bank reconciliation are all the skills that Diana has. She has a high level of customer service, expert and well-versed online tutor, Technical Support Expert with a focus on the Windows 10 Operating System. Banking transactions and general administrative tasks are her strengths.

Professional Skills: Accounting, Bookkeeping, Data Entry/Management, Technical Support - Help Desk/IT, Customer Service -Inbound/Outbound, Certified Quickbooks Online ProAdvisor , Bills creation, Bank reconciliation, Bank Tellering.

Ian Garrin Uy Damaolao

UI/UX Mobile Designer / Front-End Developer

Ian is a goal-driven graphic artist and UI/UX designer who is successful at applying technical skills to create art that informs and engages customers. He has the talent for developing unique, custom artwork with an innovative approach to idea and concept development. He has a solid fifteen years of experience overseeing different projects and brand developments.

Professional Skills: UI/UX Designer, Front-End Development, Website Design/Management, Mobile App Design, Graphic Design.

Irina Monique Cabalo

Executive Assistant / Lead Generation Specialist

Irina is a dedicated Account Manager with years of experience in managing LinkedIn accounts. She has received expert training in Lead Prospecting with LinkedIn as the main platform. Achieved success in increasing revenue by providing exemplary service to existing customers and attracting new customers to increase company's client base.

Professional Skills: Lead Generation, Customer Needs Assessment, Customer Service, Client Relations, Excellent communication skills, Social Media Management, Lead Development, Computer Literate, Multi-Task Management.

Jan Vincent Alagon

Project Manager/Coordinator

Vince has over 10 years of work experience in the Training & Development field of the BPO industry. He experienced all of the facets of training, from a trainer role to a training manager, an instructional designer, and a learning project manager. Having an eye to the delivery, execution, and development of training materials gave him an edge to do well with his current role as a Project Manager for their Global Learning team. His first experience in project management was when he got promoted as a training manager. He proposed different training initiatives and projects to improve the performance of agents. Once approved by the client, he led the execution of tasks needed to complete the project. The experience prepared him as a Learning Project Manager as he now worked with multiple projects like leadership development, trainer onboarding, transition to virtual learning, and client curriculum efficiency audit.

Professional Skills: Project Management, Team Management, Data Analytics, Business Process Analysis, Process Excellence, Training & Development, Instructional Design, Training Facilitation, Curriculum Development, Business Process Mapping, E-learning Implementation, Reporting & Presentations, Data Entry / Management, Executive Assistant / Personal Assistant, Email Management, Calendar Management, Appointment Setting, Web / Data Research, Copywriting, Customer Service - Inbound/Outbound, Email Support, Live Chat Support.

Janice Wong


Janice has good communication skills. She has been working as a bookkeeper and has supported a real estate client in the rental industry for 3yrs. She knows how to prioritize and has done an all-around job with her previous clients doing administrative roles along with Bookkeeping.

Professional Skills: General Virtual Assistant, Data Entry / Management, Email Management, Calendar Management, Email Support, Accounting / Bookkeeping, Invoicing, Transcriptionist.

Janneke Novenario

Social Media Specialist / General Virtual Assistant / Lead Generation

Janneke is a conversion-oriented social media marketing manager with three years of management experience focused largely on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. She has successfully grown her clients’ followers and subscribers and translated their leads to sales. She is excellent in increasing revenue gains & brand awareness through use of social media.

Professional Skills: General Virtual Assistant, Calendar Management, Social Media Management, Content Writing / Scheduling / Posting, Graphic Designing, Photo and Video Editing, Lead Generation, Copywriting, SEO.

Anna Vanessa Sanchez

Lead Generation Specialist / General Virtual Assistant

Anna has 4 years of experience in Customer Service, 2 years in Staffing & Recruitment and 3 years of Administrative experience. For the last 2 years, she has worked as a Virtual Assistant and handled Lead Generation for a Marketing agency in Ohio, Social Media Coordinator for an entrepreneur in Canada and now as a Publishing Representative for one of the leading Mobile App Builder company in the US.

Professional Skills: Lead Generation, Email Management, Appointment Setting, Transcribing, Graphic Designs, Phone support, Customer Service.

Katrina Marie Ituriaga

Executive Assistant

Katrina has more than 6 years of experience as a multifaceted Administrative/ Virtual Assistant with an extensive background in office administration duties, ecommerce/digital marketing, technical and creative writing. An autodidact who is goal-oriented and works well with minimal supervision in both leadership and team roles.

Professional Skills: Excellent customer service and communication skills, Able to manage multiple tasks and time-sensitive duties, Successful working in a team environment, as well as independently, Extensive experience with digital marketing space.

Krystel Rose Tagarao


Krystel is an ambitious, enthusiastic, and talented individual with a keen eye for detail and a flair for accounts. She is competent in the use of Xero, SAP, QuickBooks, Microsoft Office Software and am willing to undertake further training and development. She is capable of working in a fast-paced and challenging working environment and can make a real commercial impact as well as improve an employer’s business performance.

Professional Skills: Certified Bookkeeper, Expertise in using accounting software like SAP, Quickbooks and Xero, Computer/Technical Literacy, Excellent Oral and Written Communication Skills, Data Entry / Management, Client Management.

Gail Lopez

Executive Assistant to CEO

Gail has a proven track record of high-level executive support, management, and training. She has a strong ability to streamline processes, maximize efficiency, and foster professional relationships within organizations. She is organized, detail-oriented, and a masterful communicator.

Professional Skills:  Data Entry / Management, Executive Assistant, Email Management, Calendar Management, Appointment Setting, Reporting & Presentations, Customer Service - Inbound/Outbound, Training & Development, Operations Management, Team Management, Ecommerce

Lanie Panganiban

Customer Support Specialist

Lanie maintains a functional work environment while delivering exceptional customer service with the company's service and merchandise. She has an aptitude for problem solving and works well independently with little assistance. She is a logical problem solver, skilled in conflict resolution, has a resourceful nature and a friendly attitude. She has also assisted new hire employees with product information and call handling skills. She is familiar with retail standards and learns new procedures quickly. She is familiar with proprietary computer software and adapts to new programs. She hopes to bring excellent customer service experience to your customers and help you reach your business goals.

Professional Skills: Excellent Communication Skills, Ability to work under pressure, Willing to Learn and Fast Learner.

Leon Dadios Jr.

Operations Manager

Leon has more than sixteen years of professional experience in Finance and Accounting. He possessed financial acumen and experienced in process migration, performance and metrics management, project management, process improvement, client management and customer service. He is adaptable to a fast-paced environment, highly flexible and can work with local and global counterparts.

Professional Skills: Project Management, Operations Management, Team Management, Human Resources, Recruitment, Accounting / Bookkeeping, Invoicing, Data Entry / Management, Reporting & Presentations, Email Support.

Lovely Asio

Lead Generation Specialist

Lovely is extremely motivated to constantly develop her skills and grow professionally. She is dedicated and hard working person who believe in honesty and good working relation.

Professional Skills: Lead Generation, Prospecting, Data Entry Analyst, Appointment Setting, Email Support & Chat Support Web Research, Email Marketing, Handling Shopify, Social Media Management, BPO - Customer Service, Representative, Bank Teller & Financial Advisor.

Melissa Apple Gamaya

Social Media Specialist

Melissa is a hard-working and self-motivated virtual assistant with years of experience in customer service, admin support, project management, operations management, social media management, product listing, record-keeping, and other various personal assistance tasks. She is able to focus on work without the need for supervision.

Professional Skills: Lead Generation, Project Management, Data Entry, Prospecting, Email Management, Calendar Management, Appointment setting, Virtual Assistant, Customer Service, Conference Support.

Patricia Marion Alcantara

Lead Generation Specialist

Marion is an expert in what she does and that is Lead Generation and Facebook Groups Prospecting. She has a background and years of experience working as an Event Coordinator and Customer Service Representative in a BPO company here in the Philippines. She is well-versed and is able to communicate to customers on all levels. She also has experience working remotely as a Lead Generation Specialist where she worked for a fitness professional client. In addition, Marion also has experience being the Executive Assistant for a client where she provides administrative works such as data entry, email & calendar management, updating her client's team on their events etc.

Professional Skills: Direct Message Outreach via Facebook Groups, Data Entry, Lead Generation, Social Media Management, Customer Support, Trello, Slack, MS Office
Canva, Gmail.

Rachel Anne Villapando

Lead Generation Specialist

Rachel is a performance-driven Virtual Assistant bringing years of experience
Digital Marketing. Skilled at listening to clients, meeting productivity targets, and
maintaining current knowledge of company offerings. Offering empathy, reliability and enthusiasm for satisfying clients.

Professional Skills: Lead Generation, Customer Service Skills, Appointment Setting, Marketing, On-page and off-page SEO, Web Research, Youtube SEO, Data Entry, Medical terminology knowledge, Administrative support, Social Media Management.

Skye Justine Miguel

Lead Generation Specialist / Business Development Executive

Skye is a results driven, people-oriented, and hard-working individual. She is expert and well exposed in the digital realm for small and medium enterprises with specialization in lead generation and client acquisition and retention.

Professional Skills: Lead Generation, Customer Service Skills, Graphic Design, Account Management, Client Relationship Management, Client Acquisition, Sales and Marketing, Digital Consulting, Appointment Setting.

Hydee Gutierrez

Lead Generation Specialist, General Virtual Assistant

Professional Skills: Sales, Lead Generation, Marketing, Appointment Setting, Inbound/Outbound Calling, Cold Calling / Messaging / Emailing, Data Entry / Management, Email Management / Marketing, Customer Support, Data Research / Scraping, Email Support, ECommerce.

Jesalie Sotelo

Lead Generation Specialist

Jesalie is an energetic lead generator with strong management skills who thrives in a fast-paced, dynamic environment. She has a proven track record of success in converting leads to sales, in turn increasing the company's ROI. She is reliable, a team player, and always does things to the best of her ability.

Professional Skills: General Virtual Assistant, Data Entry / Management, Calendar Management, Social Media Management, Content Writing / Scheduling / Posting, Graphic Designing, Lead Generation, Customer Service -Inbound/Outbound, Email Support, Live Chat Support

Jezreel Monte


Professional Skills: Accounting, SAP, MS Office, Excel, Quickbooks, Working knowledge in MS Office, Expertise in MS Power point & Excel, Qualified the Certificate Course in SAP Accounting Software in 2014, Chat Support, Email Support.

Johann Clein Quimada

UI/UX-Graphic Designer 

Johann is a creative design professional, proactive, and detailed UI/UX-Graphic Designer with 4 years of proven end-to end experience delivering enjoyable mobile app products for customers. He has a clear understanding of technologies allow seamless collaboration with project managers and customers, while consistently meeting project targets and exceeding expectations. Up-to-date knowledge of using creative editing tools. He has the ability to Work under pressure and is fast learner

Professional Skills: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, HTML/CSS, Mobile App Design, Wordpress / Elementor, Blender 3D, Adobe XD, Figma, jQuery, Interactive Mobile App, Prototyping, User Flow & Research, Branding, Computer Skills, Communication Skills

Kristine Celino

Marketing Specialist VA

Kace is a champion of social media tools and technologies, with a track record of creating and implementing successful social media campaigns. She is dedicated, persistent, and results-driven. She works closely with clients to develop and execute a proactive, social content calendar, managing all phases digital marketing initiatives from concept through delivery and optimization.

Professional Skills: General Virtual Assistant, Data Entry / Management, Calendar Management, Social Media Management, Content Writing / Scheduling / Posting, Website Design/ManagementPhoto and Video Editing, Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Google Analytics, Reporting & Presentations, Customer Service - Inbound/Outbound, Email Support

Mark John Garcia

Lead Generation Specialist/Virtual Assistant

Mark is an experienced Lead Generation Specialist/Virtual Assistant. He is expert in generating leads via LinkedIn. He also work as an Publisher for a Google Play Application and has a background as a Customer Service Representative (Sales).

Professional Skills: Lead Generation, Customer Service Skills, Communication skills, Microsoft Windows, Google Suite, Multi-tasking

Christine Joy Baston

Marketing Assistant

CJ is a highly driven and results-oriented SEO Specialist with three years of career experience in e-business optimization organizations. She is adept in original content development, search-friendly architecture solutions, and keyword research. She possesses excellent problem-solving and analytical thinking skills.

Professional Skills: General Virtual Assistant, Data Entry / Management, Social Media Management, Content Writing / Scheduling / Posting, Website Design/Management, Photo and Video Editing, Google Analytics, SEO

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